Our Yoga classes are semi-private, fun, intimate, friendly, welcoming for all ages and all fitness levels.

Slow mindful Yoga

at Bower Rd Community Centre  

All classes are $10 casual        $50 for 5 weeks       $ 100 10 week class pass

Tuesdays 6pm-7.30pm

 Yoga Flow – Immerse yourself in vinyasa flowing sequences that strengthens the body, and assists in mindful practice.  Activating Prana (energy flow) into the physical body and quieting the mind with Pranayama (breathing practices) to heal, strengthen, and restore. Deep relaxation (Yoga Nidra) and Meditation that rejuvenates the mind and body. Every class is uniquely tailored to student's special requirements that are required for that night.


Thursdays 9.30am-11am

Restorative Yoga - There are times in our lives when we are recovering from illness, injury, high stress or a traumatic incident. Restorative yoga is deeply healing, slow, gentle, flowing Asanas (poses), with the aid of props, chairs, pillows and blankets.  Pranayama (breath awareness), long relaxation and meditation inducing physical and mental relaxation, are integrated within the classes. Classes are designed to create opportunities to modify your practice to suit your individual needs that change daily.


Saturdays 9.30am-11am

Yin & YangYoga flow - Is a blended class with flowing vinyasa, yin, yang yoga. Go deeper into your practice slowing down as well as increasing the cardio-vascular with Chandra Namascar (solute to the moon) and restoring the Body Mind with deep relaxation and Meditation.