Private Yoga Classes



Why take private yoga sessions?

Yoga provides us with lifelong tools of mindfulness, breathing practices, postures, deep relaxation, to alleviate stress in your daily life and to share it with your family and friends, for optimum health and well-being  

According to the Chopra centre, investing in a few private yoga sessions is valuable and can help you gain confidence and courage to participate in a group yoga class.

The benefits for your body

Yoga assists the body to fight against diseases such as osteoporosis, arthritis,  high blood pressure, just to name a few. Your body gets twisted in various ways, bones muscles, tendons and joints are being twisted that you  may not be used to. Yoga poses strengthens the bones by inducing stress thus causing the body to deposit more calcium. However, since your body is not used to moving this way, you can also be prone to more injuries if you do not have the assistance by a qualified teacher.

Sharing your personal history

During a private classes you will have the time to address any prior  injuries, health concerns, stress etc. I will show you how to get into and out of every pose correctly that is tailored specifically for your current health requirements. I will tailor a programme to suit your individual requirements and needs.

As a Yoga teacher with over 20 years experience,  I create personal relationships with my students  and do not push you in doing a pose that you are not ready to do.  Alternatives are always provided to suit your individual needs as your body is constantly changing day by day.

 Focus on your personal Yoga goals and home practice designed for you

 You will take home a designed personalised   practice, which includes postures, breathing practices, relaxation, meditation and affirmations tailor made especially for you.

Modifications and homework assignments are developed for you to deepen your connection to yourself and support  your health and well-being, providing assistance for deep, physical,  personal and spiritual growth

Private online yoga zoom  is also available  for your convenience in the comfort of your home.