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Niki Koutroulis




Who I am

Niki Koutroulis Dip Y.T. IYAA/ B.Ed (E.C)/B.A.

Niki's curiosity and study of spirituality began at the age of 14. Born and raised in Adelaide, South Australia,  Niki has been a lifelong student of  Yoga, Meditation, personal and spiritual growth. In the early 90s, Niki left her corporate career in Telecommunications and Advertising to pursue studies in  Yoga and natural health  (Aromatherapy, Reflexology, Massage, Reiki,Divine healing, Beauty Therapy) with spiritual masters, Yoga teachers, healers in Australia and Internationally.

In 1994 Niki spent a year in South East Asia where she attended classes, workshops retreats in India, Bali, and Thailand.  She participated in Mindful silent meditation practices, Buddhism at the Suan Mokkh International Dharma Hermitage in Thailand. While in India, she lived and studied at the Shivanada ashram in Rishikesh and Dharamshala, where she met and received a blessing from His Holiness the Dalai Lama, which was a profound life-changing experience of deep inner peace. Niki still follows his teachings, of compassion and loving-kindness. 

After graduating from the YTISA Niki attended many conscious living retreats at the Satyanada yoga ashrams in Australia, exploring tantric yoga and meditation practices. Over many years  of practice, study, and discipline her unique style has developed, "Go slow" mindful. intuitive, restorative yoga including  Pranayama (breathing practices) Yoga Nidra (relaxation), and meditation.

In 2014 Niki completed her degree,  Bachelor of Education of Early childhood education and a BA at Flinders University, she is passionate about sharing yoga practices with the next generation. She teaches yoga and mindfulness in schools ranging from ages of 0-18 yrs.

Niki is also passionate about Social Activism, environmental awareness and serving the community, she has volunteered at;

  • The Aids Council of South Australia

  • Teaching English to Tibetan Refugees in India Dharamshala

  • Service to Youth Council   of Australia; Emergency outreach for teenagers

  • Teaching yoga and meditation  to children with disabilities

  •  Yoga for Aboriginal women 


Niki’s philosophy of yoga is to embrace the ancient art of yoga in a safe, fun, gentle, loving way. By following mindful practices that encourage you to go within and follow your intuition,  natural rhythm, cycles that change moment by moment.  Yoga allows you to be in the present and observe whatever is arising. These practices provide you with lifelong tools to cope with daily stresses of life. 


Yoga classes and practices are designed to enhance your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual needs, to increase life force (prana), energy and vitality. 


Yoga enables all ages, all level of fitness and backgrounds to participate. 


Come and experience Niki’s love of Yoga.

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