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"In the past, I have tried lots of other yoga classes but never felt comfortable in a "fancy pants' yoga class. I do not want to be wearing the latest designer yoga gear or fixing my make up before a class. I love Niki's yoga class as it is so relaxed and everyone is supported to work at his or her own level. The meditation and relaxation at the end of the class is wonderful and I sleep deeply after class and still feel the calming benefits the next day. I would recommend everyone to come along and see for themselves."






"I have been attending Yoga classes with Niki twice a week for over 10 years. I absolutely love the class is for us as an individuals and a group, we have become a family, It is such a warm an inviting class, you never feel intimidated, you do what you can on the day.  Our class is not just about yoga , its a complete body, mind and spirit experience.  Niki is very positive and inspirational teacher  and a friend. Love, love, love my yoga!!"

Lucy Newlyn







"I have been a student of Niki's for  15 years and have found  her intuitive and integrated approach to teaching yoga  has fostered my wholistic understanding of the benefits of mindful yoga practice .  She has created a "yoga family" with her long-term students and each lesson filled with her positive joyous spirit".

                   Denise Carstensen


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